No matter what a defendant may have been accused of, everybody deserves proper representation to protect their rights. Procedures are in place to protect those rights, but oftentimes defendants lose the opportunity to make those arguments because they do not hire an attorney. Nobody should ever step into a courtroom without an attorney, regardless of how minor the offense might seem.

A misdemeanor domestic battery conviction for example strips your right to bare arms away. A possession charge could keep you from landing your dream job.

Justin examines each case in detail, finds any possible defenses, and advises his clients as to what action is best for their specific case – whether that may be to take the case in front of a jury or to strike the best possible deal. Justin worked a short time as a part time public defender until he realized just how inadequate that representation could be at times. Criminal charges are intimidating, and defendants need somebody experienced that will not only fight their case but also take the time to guide them through the litigation process. Justin gives his clients his personal cell phone number and encourages them to call any time they have a question.

Justin takes on all criminal cases ranging from simple misdemeanor charges up to class Y felonies.